Gladstone MO Vinyl Siding The Advantages of Vinyl Siding in Gladstone, MO

Vinyl siding is the most popular home siding material today. This elegant exterior cladding option is not only stylish, but highly practical as well. Moreover, vinyl siding is in great demand due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, versatility and much more. Homes with vinyl siding are more appealing due to these characteristics. Vinyl siding also increases the value of a home.

Vinyl siding is made from Poly Vinyl Chloride, also known as PVC and then combined with many other elements to make it a more durable and flexible siding option. Poly Vinyl Chloride is well known in the building industry for its strength and rigid nature. Building materials made from Poly Vinyl Chloride are popular for their versatility, sustainability and ease of maintenance . This material is one of the reasons why vinyl siding is very popular today.

Acrylic compounds are added to this type of siding to prevent denting and degradation caused by extreme weather. Titanium dioxide is also added to maintain the color in vinyl siding.

The following are some of the advantages of Vinyl Siding Gladstone, MO

  1. Requires little maintenance

Vinyl siding requires very little or no maintenance at all. This is because it is resistant to destructive pests like termites and deterioration such as rot. Therefore, it can maintain its original look and quality for many years making this a great investment. With vinyl siding, you will no longer need to go through the hassle of painting your house. A simple cleaning procedure is enough to help maintain its original look. Once your vinyl siding has been installed, you will not incur  any unexpected maintenance costs.

  1. More durable

Vinyl siding is more durable than other forms of exterior cladding. This is because of its extreme resilience and its ability to withstand wear and tear, even in the face of harsh weather elements like high winds, heat, cold, moisture, and hail.  Additionally, this type of siding is moisture-resistant, hence it does not rot, fade, warp, or corrode, which helps it to retain its original appearance over time.

  1. Versatility

Vinyl siding is very popular currently because of its incredible versatility. It comes in a wide range of textures, colors, architectural trim, styles, and provides homeowners with many choices in designing their exterior space.

Vinyl siding has been greatly improved to mimic the look of popular architectural accents and cladding types such as stone, wood, and slate.

Vinyl siding Gladstone, MO comes in a wide range of colors with improved color retention. This siding material comes in many designs to fit different home styles. Therefore, homeowners are able to maintain the beauty aspect, and at the same time, improve the curb appeal of their homes.

  1. Affordable

Many people prefer vinyl siding to other types of siding because it actually costs less.

  1. Ease of Installation

Vinyl siding is lightweight, meaning it is an easier exterior covering to install. It is also a perfect retrofit option since it can be installed over existing materials. The ease of installation helps homeowners to save on labor costs.

  1. Sustainable Option

Vinyl siding is in itself a green cladding option. It is far better than many exterior cladding options, such as brick, in terms of environmental and economic performance. Apart from its beauty and sustainability, insulated siding provides improved energy efficiency. Insulated siding prevents heat loss between the wall studs in exterior walls, therefore considered to be one of the products that meet the requirements to qualify a new home as an ENERGY STAR® qualified home

  1. Saves on heating and cooling costs 

As mentioned earlier, insulated vinyl siding prevents thermal bridging. Although most homes have installed insulation between the wall studs, the studs may not be very efficient since they tend to promote heat loss whenever they come into contact with exterior siding. Insulated vinyl siding protects the studs to help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Vinyl Siding Gladstone, MO creates a smooth and uniform look of your exterior when installed by a professional contractor in Gladstone, MO. It does not have the imperfections that are common in traditional wood siding. As an added bonus it is quiet and can help to absorb outside noise.

Vinyl siding Gladstone, MO is the best exterior cladding for your home because of its beauty, versatility, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and ease of installation.


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