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Horizontal siding

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Although horizontal siding can be a less expensive style of vinyl siding, it can also stand the test of time. This style was common in the early settler days to create a beautiful shadow line. However, original wood would tend to sag, crack, and fade. Thankfully, with a few chemical improvements to the vinyl, now siding is desirable to the general population for both aesthetics and durability.

To enhance the great look of vinyl siding, each panel has different:

  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Length
  • Price
  • Texture

Types of Horizontal siding

Dutch style

For a natural wood look that is beautiful. Today’s design comes with a groove atop the board to add some charm to your home’s exterior. This gives the illusion that each panel is handmade.


With the smooth style, you can’t see the shadow line – the siding looks like smoothly painted wood.


This horizontal siding style features a decorative shadow and a rounded bead at the bottom panel.

Vertical siding

The vertical siding was traditionally used in farm houses but is now gaining traction among many homeowners. It will stand out among other homes in the neighborhood and is bound to catch the eye of passersby. After all, the batten design offers an elegant flair to lots of people.

Vertical siding looks like real wood. The only downside with this type of siding is that it requires more prep work, and the installation can be a bit time-consuming.


Shakes are beautiful, water-resistant, and low maintenance. In addition, they give the natural rustic design of wood. And depending on your taste, you can choose straight or staggered edges. The latter features jagged bottoms, while straight-edge shakes have a distinct shadow line.


This style of vertical siding adds a decorative appeal to a whole house, gables, and dormers. The sidings typically range from 5-7 inches and can take a range of shapes like:

  • Half cove
  • Half rounds
  • Hexagons

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