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Vinyl siding is a choice homeowners make when it is time to either paint or when the exterior has issues that require repair. This is a permanent choice that can make an older home look new again. Older homes have a variety of exterior materials used that may include wood siding, aluminum or even asphalt shingle siding. Each of these over time can require repair from weather-related exposure. In time wood decays, aluminum siding oxidizes and asphalt shingle siding becomes brittle. Here are house siding options in Kansas City available to you:

Vinyl House Siding OptionsHouse Siding Options in Kansas City

Variety of house siding options give the property owner many choices in type and color which include:

  • Clapboard: This type of siding, similar to horizontal siding since the boards run across like wood siding on a home or structure. There are different styles of clapboard that include; Dutch lap, beaded and flat. Clapboard also comes in different textures such as having the appearance of wood grain. It also comes with different widths of boards.
  • Board and batten: This siding is vertical wide boards with a smaller board or batten for use between two larger boards.
  • Shake: This siding has the appearance of wood shake like cedar shake. The siding comes in a variety of colors. Unlike the expense and lifespan of wood shake, vinyl will last without requiring repair and maintenance of wood.

Advantages of Siding

Siding has advantages such as not requiring maintenance like wood that requires painting and repairs. It is also an advantage with older homes that may not have enough insulation or outdated insulation. With vinyl installation there are two types of insulation that can be used with each having its own benefits. One type is fan fold, which is a foam type of insulation board that is put on the structure first, before the siding installation. The second type is a Styrofoam based insulation that is used with clapboard siding. It has the shape of horizontal boards and will fit snugly in the siding pans. When installing clapboard the other advantage is the siding will have no give, which means the vertical boards cannot indent because they are not hollow. The fan-fold type of insulation is a perfect choice for vertical board and battens siding or shakes siding. House siding options and insulation can reduce utility costs of heating and cooling.

Siding Installation

Installation, in Kansas City by a professional, gives the home a new look with fast results. This is a process that takes skill to install, so it faces the right way on each side of the structure and pan lengths staggered in a way that look natural. Professional installation is especially important with clapboard and shake siding especially in the extreme weather conditions of Kansas City.

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