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  • More Energy Efficient– CedarMAX Vinyl Siding blankets your home in continuous insulation which fights heat loss vs. framing and lumber
  • Protects Color Loss-All certified siding products come with another level of assurance when certified for color retention (hundreds of options when it comes to beautiful and stunning colors)
  • Extreme Weather – From the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains, we all experience extreme and sudden climate changes all year long.  CedarMAX Vinyl Siding is tested to withstand 200+ mph and is constructed to withstand the hottest of summers and sub-zero winters.  

Have Great Plains Exteriors re-side your home in our CedarMAX insulated siding.

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The Benefits of Seamless Vinyl Siding From Great Plains Exteriors

Installing our seamless vinyl siding can provide you with the sturdiness and aesthetic value of vinyls with out the issues associated with spacing among the panels. right here are some of the advantages that come with seamless vinyl siding:

– Less upkeep.

– Much lower costs.

– No water or moisture.

Less Maintenance

Seams in vinyl sidings can present a few issues that might prove to be difficult in the end. Here at Great Plains Exteriors, we use seamless vinyl, you won’t have to fear about constantly repairing the seams. different kinds of vinyl siding will require you to restore the joints in which the materials meet.

Lower Cost

Seamless vinyl siding is much more cost-efficient as compared to other types of vinyl siding. Vinyl is a much better alternative to the more expensive siding materials such as brick or wood. Not only is the initial price lower, but you won’t need to repair or replace the sidings as frequently as with other materials. You’ll save on costs associated with labor and the materials for replacing your siding.

No Moisture Issues

One of the biggest selling points of seamless vinyl as a siding is that homeowners don’t have to worry about potential moisture problems entering their homes. Traditional vinyl siding has some seams that water and moisture can get into. Left alone, they could produce mold and mildew which can prove to be a great health risk for you and your family. Water could also get inside the walls and weaken your home’s structural foundation.

When you use our seamless vinyl siding, you can tend to other matters and not worry about water entering via your vinyl siding. The life of your vinyl siding will also be lengthened many times that of any other siding material.