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Stone veneer siding is durable and has a lasting visual appeal. Unlike natural stone, it’s easy to install if you have the right stone veneer siding contractor. And depending on your needs, there’s a large selection of designs, styles, and colors to choose from. Here are some decorate designs for stone veneer siding:

  • Cascade ledge

  • Fieldstone

  • Ledgestone

  • Manorstone

  • Ridgestone

  • Riverstone

  • Tuscan Fieldstone

  • Shadow Ledgestone

Cascade ledge

This style consists of a mix of cobble jumpers and ledge stones that fit together to create long detailed face texture. An individual stone averages 11/4 – 6 inches (length), 51/2 – 18.25 inches (width), and 11/2 thickness. Additionally, the stones come in a variety of colors including golden hill, sandy creek, alpine mist, and mystic.


It features random shapes to ensure the rugged faces fit together to form a giant castle. In brief, this decorating style makes your home look natural. Although it’s considered a grouted stone, the joint accentuates the uneven shape of stones. Keep in mind an individual stone has a width of 6-20 inches and has an average thickness of 1.5 inches. The stones are available in different colors including autumn, Hampton, shade mountain, Buckingham, chardonnay, and Sherwood.

Ledgestone  stone veneer siding contractor

Ledgestone adds rustic charm to walls, living rooms, fireplaces, and porches. As well, this veneer stone siding can fit any external wall where a natural look is desired. Additionally, it’s available in different colors like Easton, chardonnay, Rockaway, Sherwood, Buckingham, and autumn. As shown, an individual stone averages 2-6 inches in length and (6-18) in width.


This rustic style combines filed and ledge stones with a smooth face. Plus. because it comes with varied shapes, you can create an organic shape that works on any veneer siding. Here you’ll see, some of the colors available include:

  • Spice
  • Sierra
  • Summit


This style captures the magic of natural rock formation. To ensure a more natural look, you can mix irregular fieldstones with those with horizontal shapes. As you’ll see, an individual stone has a length of 2-8-inches, 6-18 inches width, and 1.5-inch thickness.


The smooth texture of this style of stone veneer siding exhibits an unpretentious character. For the exterior, you can choose a variety of shapes to decorate your house. Also, you can create a striking mosaic on columns and walls. Generally, the average length is 4-14-inches, 14 inches wide, and 1.25 inches thick. Some of the colors available include:

  • Midwest
  • Earth tone
  • Pocono Mountain
  • Shade Mountain

Tuscan Fieldstone

These are irregularly shaped stones that give a rustic charm of the Mediterranean countryside. Once the joints are grouted, this stonework will look like it has been in existence for generations. The average length of the stone is 3-12 inches, 8-22 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. Additionally, Tuscan stone veneer siding is available in many colors including autumn, Shenandoah, Buckingham, and chardonnay.

Shadow Ledgestone

This decorate solution has warm earth tones and craggy texture. Because the stones are molded from a civil war fence-raw, they create a rustic appearance. An individual stone has an average length of 3-6 inches, 6-18 width, and 1.5 inches.

The beauty of the above styles is that they give your home a distinctive, hard-to-beat look. So then, make sure you talk to a stone veneer siding contractor to choose one that suits you best.

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