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As residential windows age, the glass may begin to look foggy or develop moisture between the panes. The result is a window you can barely see out of and one that doesn’t let much sunlight in!

But these changes in your windows aren’t just an aesthetic concern; they’re also signs that your windows aren’t functioning properly. Instead of spending money on the tedious replacement of single glass panes, it’s a wiser investment to work with a window replacement company like Great Plains Exteriors to upgrade the entire window. Contact us to get a quote for new windows in your home in the Kansas City metro area, and keep reading to learn more about how your windows’ condition is affecting your daily life without you even realizing it.

Room With a View? Not When You Need Window Replacement

One of the first changes you might notice in your older windows is the look of fogginess that you can’t remove with your favorite glass cleaner. That fogginess is a sign that your window’s seals are broken. Even the smallest hole or tiniest crack in the sealant can cause this problem.

When your window’s seals break, moisture from humid air can cause condensation between the panes of glass, where you can’t reach to wipe it off. Condensation may come and go, but when it’s present, it makes it very hard to see outside your windows or let in the sunshine to brighten your home.

Replacement windows solve the broken seal problem. Quality modern windows’ seals are long-lasting and durable, so you won’t need a new window again for a very long time. Learn more about our replacement windows for Kansas City-area homes.

Energy Efficiency Has Gone Out the Window!

Although a limited view of outside and less sunlight streaming indoors seems like more of an unsightly issue, broken seals are actually much worse than that.

Older windows are filled with air between the panes, and slightly newer ones are filled with a specific kind of air, called argon. Argon is a naturally-occuring, non-toxic odorless gas found in the earth’s atmosphere.

Because it does not conduct heat in the same way the regular air we breathe does, it is an excellent insulator that you can count on to reduce your heating and cooling bills! But when your window seals are broken, that argon escapes and can no longer do its job.

So while fogginess may be an eyesore, your increased energy bills as your air conditioning or heat escapes is a financial motivator to hire the team of window installers at Great Plains Exteriors to replace your old windows.

Drafts, Dirt and Pests: They’re In Your Home Before You Get Window Replacements

Now that you know condensation has entered your window panes when the original gas has escaped, you probably won’t be very happy to know there are even more things that can access your home when your windows aren’t working properly.

  • Drafts: With no seals or other kinds of insulation in old window frames, you likely feel drafts when you stand near your windows. If you find yourself adding plastic to your windows in the winter or cranking up the AC in the summer, it’s probably because your windows are letting in too much outside air.
  • Dirt: Outside debris, like fine dirt particles or even allergens like pollen can enter your home through drafty windows.
  • Insects and other pests: The tiniest of uninvited guests can make their way indoors when they find access points in your windows. It doesn’t take much of an opening for ants or other annoying pests to enter.

If you’re ready to keep a cleaner, more comfortable home, request an estimate for new windows today from our window company.

The Ugly Truth About Old Windows

If functionality and energy efficiency aren’t enough to persuade you that it’s time for window replacement, then maybe your home’s curb appeal and value are.

Old windows with deteriorating wood or dented aluminum trim are doing your house no favors in the beauty department. In fact, old windows could be the reason you don’t love what you see when you look at your home’s exterior – and the same goes for potential buyers, too.

Most homeowners want to protect their investment and see some type of return over time, like when they sell to downsize or upgrade. In this case, replacement windows are a smart purchase! Today’s shoppers are looking for a house that won’t require significant remodeling, and new windows can represent move-in readiness.

Get your house market-ready – or just renew your love for its exterior – with help from our window replacement company. Learn more about our quality replacement windows.

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