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Cedar shake siding is an excellent choice if you want to make a statement on your property. It’s durable and gives an exceptional look that brings the wow factor. Additionally, it’s more energy efficient. Here is everything you should know about the installation, finishes, and how to choose the best cedar shake siding contractor in Kansas City.

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Weatherproof Durability

One thing you’ll note about cedar shake siding is the durability it offers to your home. During the sweltering summer season, it comes with a heat stabilizer. It also protects your home against elements of cold during the winter. Not to mention, cedar is more resistant to warping even in extreme weather climates like Missouri and Kansas.

Cedar Siding Natural oils

Cedar contains natural oil that protects against pest, mildew, repel rot, and insect attack. If it’s not properly maintained, it tends to lose the oils. With proper maintenance, the siding can last for many years. The best way to go about it is reapplying the paint once in a couple of years.

Available in Different Styles

The reason why most people choose cedar is that it comes in a variety of colors. No matter your taste, there’s a style that will give the look you want for your home including:

  • Board and pattern- it’s created by installing wider boards, and then you separate them with patterns.
  • Bevel – it’s available in both clear and knotty grades and gives an excellent shadow line
  • Trim boards – they give a clean look and are more defined in terms of quality
  • Lap – it’s a popular option of panel siding and overlaps each other to create a shadow line effect.
  • Shingles and shakes – these units create a timeless and unique façade. They are costly and require more skills to install. But the trade off is giving your house a one-of-a-kind character that makes it distinguishable from the neighbors.

When shopping for the best shakes, there’s a way you can identify a good cut product. The number 1 choice is (Grade A), while number two is (Grade B). It’s a matter of balance and cost. On top of that, you should visually inspect the wood to ensure it has maintained a smooth feeling to the hand.

The No.1 cedar shake siding comes with fire-resistant coatings. And because it’s installed in the shake, it cannot be washed away in rain over time.

A properly laid shake siding can also be wind-proof and provides excellent soundproofing – it’s essential for any home.

Cedar Shake Siding Contractor Provides Excellent Installation

Cedar siding installation occurs in phases. One key thing to keep in mind is humidity by ensuring the siding is watertight. On high moisture days, the shakes are likely to expand. And this should be taken seriously as placing the sides too close may cause bucking. Unlike other types of siding, maintenance is paramount to the success of the siding system.

Since most cedar shake siding problems are related to installation, you should choose a contractor with excellent experience. With proper installation, cedar siding can be a great investment for your home. 

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