Vinyl Siding and a New Roof Are Ideal To-Do List Items for Warmer Weather and Sunny Days

Your home’s exterior endured a lot this winter, just as it has every winter before, since it was built. Just like sub-zero temps, gale-force winds, and immense amounts of precipitation of all kinds are rough on you, they’re no walk in the park for your roof, siding, and windows.

But they’re not all innocent in this.

In fact, if you were chilled to the bone inside your home during Kansas City’s historic January low temperatures, your home exterior may even be partially to blame!

Your old siding, whether it’s vinyl or wood, and aging windows lack the insulating properties to keep outdoor temperatures outside. And if you noticed indoor moisture as the snow melted or saw tea-colored stains develop on your ceiling, your roof may not be the water barrier you think it is, either.

Take action this spring to address concerns you noticed during winter, so you don’t have to think about your home’s exterior – other than to admire its curb appeal – for years to come. Put new vinyl siding or repair, a roof, and upgraded windows on your to-do list, and call Great Plains Exteriors at (816) 994-3725 to check them off!

Why Vinyl Siding Is a Smart Purchase This Spring

Insulated vinyl siding adds a low-maintenance layer to your home’s exterior. This thermal cladding system helps reduce energy loss by blocking drafts and essentially sealing your home from outdoor temperatures.

It’s a durable siding that won’t decay or rot like wood, nor will it absorb moisture like other engineered products. You’ll never need to paint, as it comes in a variety of vinyl siding colors, too. Your new siding is protected by a warranty from us – your vinyl siding contractor in Kansas City – and the manufacturer, ensuring both the product and installation are free of defects.

Learn more about CedarMax and ProVia vinyl siding products from our local Kansas City siding company.

Why a Roof Should Be On Your List

Spring weather is the perfect kind for installing architectural shingles on your home. Shingles manufacturers require outdoor temperatures to be at least 40℉ during installation without having to utilize additional adhesives. Spring weather reaches adequate temperatures to forgo specialized installation processes, so your roof is as low-maintenance and affordable as possible.

Because the hot summer sun isn’t yet beating down on your roof, it’s also a comfortable time for roofers to work consistently, which can help get your project completed quickly without heat-related health concerns. Your home’s interior will also remain comfortable while our crews work, even with your shingles temporarily removed.

Learn more about roofing.

Why Replacement Windows Are Wise

Just as spring is ideal for installing a roof and new vinyl siding, it’s the right time to swap out your old windows, too. Comfortable outdoor temperatures won’t boil you over or freeze you out as our team replaces your windows.

You’ll also get the added benefit of experiencing all the features of your new windows, including low-e coatings that block harmful UV rays, glass clarity, and opening and closing mechanisms that let a lovely breeze inside.

Learn more about replacement windows.

Your Return on Investment Defrays the Cost of Vinyl Siding, Roofing, and Windows

If you’re replacing your vinyl siding rather than repairing, getting a new roof, and swapping out your windows for energy efficient ones, you might be initially uncomfortable with the total cost of these services. Remember that these improvements are an investment in the most valuable piece of property you own, and in keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

These improvements also come with a noticeable return on investment that make them even more worthwhile. A return on investment is the comparison between the cost you pay versus the value you receive in return, such as when you sell your home.

  • According to Hometap, the typical return on investment for vinyl siding is 67.2% of its total purchase and installation price.
  • Zillow calculates the return on investment for a new roof to be 68.2%.
  • Similarly, reports a 68% return on investment for new windows.

But these home exterior remodeling projects come with other financial benefits, namely reduced utility costs by making your home more energy efficient. The amount of money you’ll save on utilities depends on how well-insulated your home was before, how efficient your heating and cooling system is, and the products you chose for your exterior renovation.

Contact Great Plains Exteriors to learn more about the money-saving features of our vinyl siding, roofs, and windows.

Don’t Settle for Just Any Vinyl Siding Installers Near You

The season may have you excited to kick off an exterior renovation, but it’s important to choose carefully from the many vinyl siding contractors in Kansas City. Opt for a company that stakes its reputation on customer satisfaction and craftsmanship: Great Plains Exteriors.

Located in Liberty and serving the greater Kansas City area, Great Plains Exteriors is your one-stop source for all your home exterior needs, including siding, roofing, and windows.

Our expert teams provide free, no-obligation estimates on these home improvement services. All you have to do is call us at (816) 994-3725 or send us a message online to get started. We’ll get back to you promptly because, frankly, we’re just as excited to update your home’s exterior this spring as you are!