Start the Conversation With These Ideas, and Ask Follow-Up Questions Of Your Own, Too

Your roof is too important to choose a subpar contractor to work on it. Your roof protects your home and everything in it from the elements, and a faulty roof can cause mold, mildew, and interior damage – all expensive problems to have to solve.

To ensure the roofing contractor you choose for your new roof installation or roof repair is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy, ask them these six questions before you hire them. Great Plains Exteriors will share how we’d answer these questions, too.

What Is Your Experience and Specialization In Roofing?

Kickstart the conversation with what should be a straightforward question. Asking about how long they’ve been professionally roofing will tell you quite a bit about their skills in the areas of roof installation and roof repair. An experienced roofing contractor can predict potential challenges and stop them from becoming problems during your project, which can save you time and money and ensure the integrity of your roof.

Their specialization will tell you whether they’re the right fit for your home’s roof. For example, if you have a traditional asphalt-shingle roof, but they specialize in hot tar applications, they’re likely not the roofer for you.

Our answer: With more than 40 years in the home exterior renovation business, we’ve installed new roofs and repaired roofs on homes of all shapes and sizes across the Kansas City metro area, especially in the northland. We specialize in architectural and asphalt shingles.

Can You Provide References For At Least 3 Past Projects?

Your potential roofing contractor may look great “on paper,” but when it comes to the real world, the only way you know you can trust them is to talk to homeowners who previously hired them. Their references can tell you a lot about a construction company’s craftsmanship, reliability, and ethics. A contractor should never hesitate to provide references.

After your potential contractor provides references, follow up on each one. Ask them about their satisfaction with their new roof or roof repair, how the contractor navigated any challenges, how well they kept them up to date, and even how well the roofing company cleaned up after the project.

Our answer: Of course we can provide recent references about our work! You can also take a look at our Google reviews for even more insights.

What Are Your Roofing Contractor Credentials and Insurance Coverages?

A legitimate exterior renovations company will openly share their credentials and talk about their insurance coverage, including providing information about their policy before you sign a contract. Ask for evidence of licensing, insurance, and certifications; these will tell you just how committed your potential roofer is to meeting industry standards.

Make sure your potential contractor is licensed in your area, and is bonded and insured. They should also hold certifications from the shingle manufacturers whose products they use.

Our answer: Great Plains Exteriors is licensed to perform exterior renovations for roofs, siding, windows, doors, and decks in the greater Kansas City area. We provide insurance documentation while we’re discussing your project. Our team is GAF-certified.

How Will You Approach My Roofing Project?

Before you sign a contract, be sure you understand the details, timelines, and expectations of both parties – homeowner and contractor.

Talk methodology, and make sure you’re both on the same page. Will they remove all your old shingles before your new roof installation? What happens if they find damaged roof decking? How will they manage debris and clean-up? How long do they anticipate the project will take? How often and through what method will you receive project updates? How will you handle delays or issues?

Our answer: Our roofing team will be straightforward with our clients about our timeline. We will communicate by phone, text, or in person when we have an update to share about the project, communicating as early as possible if there is an expected delay and how we will address it. We adhere to industry best practices for all roof installation and roof repairs, including never installing a second set of shingles over existing ones. We thoroughly clean up after our project to eliminate any debris, like roofing nails or shingle scraps, from the area around our clients’ homes.

What Is Your Payment Schedule?

Don’t be afraid to talk about the financials. Ask pointed questions about the timing, breakdown, and milestones for payments. Ask the roofing contractor to explain cost segments at each stage – what are you paying for and when? Don’t leave room for surprises.

You may be asked to make an initial deposit, progressive payments aligned with project phases, and a final payment upon completion, for example. Understanding the payment schedule can help you both plan for project success.

Our answer: Our milestones and payment timeline will vary by project size and scope. However, we do ask for an initial deposit and a final payment upon completion of work for all roofing projects.

Do You Warranty Your Roofing Work?

A warranty from a roofing contractor gives you peace of mind that they’ll stand behind their work. A reputable roofer will offer separate warranties that cover both the materials and the labor. Consider these a promise of longevity for your new roof or repair.

The warranty on materials is usually provided by the manufacturer. It assures you that the materials are quality and without defects. The labor warranty covers the craftsmanship and shows that your roofing contractor follows industry best practices.

Ask for copies of both warranties and make sure you understand how to use them on the off chance you’ll need them.

Our answer: Great Plains Exteriors offers warranties on both materials and labor for roofing projects completed with GAF, Tamko, and Owens-Corning products. We will provide warranty documents and details before you sign your contract with us.

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Now that you know where we stand on these six questions, contact us to request an estimate for roof installation or roof repair. And yes, we invite you to ask us these questions again to learn more about our local company!