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Having the siding of your house replaced can change its look in a dramatic way while providing some benefits. Opting for seamless vinyl siding minimizes maintenance work needed while increasing your home’s overall durability. Plus, it can mean a higher value when you decide to sell your property.

Vinyl Siding Basics

Most homes built before the 1960s made use of aluminum for their sidings. Vinyl sidings took over because they offered some benefits that aluminum and other sidings could not:

– does not peel, flake, corrode or become dent.

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– tougher than aluminum siding.

– requires significantly less maintenance.

– come in a number of finishes and colors.

Seamless Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has undergone some improvements and changes ever since it was introduced in the 60s. The overlapping pattern of vinyl siding produces seams that present disadvantages. For instance, wind could reach in and over time, tear off your siding. Water can get inside the seams and into the property. Insects can make their nest inside the seams and create a troublesome infestation.

Seamless vinyl siding does away with all that by making the vinyl siding without the overlapping pattern. The length is extended- instead of 12 feet, the sidings installed are 40 feet.

The Benefits of Seamless Vinyl Siding

Installing seamless vinyl siding can give you the durability and aesthetic value of vinyls without the problems associated with the spacing in-between the panels. Here are some of the most notable benefits that come with seamless vinyl siding:

– Less costs.

– Less maintenance needed.

– No water or moisture.


Seamless vinyl siding is much more cost-efficient as compared to other types of vinyl siding. Vinyl is a much better alternative to the more expensive siding materials such as brick or wood. The durability of vinyl far surpasses the aforementioned siding materials. You won’t need to repair or replace the sidings as frequently as with the other materials. You’ll save on costs associated with labor and the materials for replacing your siding.

Less Maintenance

Seams in vinyl sidings can present some issues that could prove to be troublesome in the long run. By using seamless vinyl, you won’t have to worry about constantly repairing the seams. Other types of vinyl siding will require you to repair the joints where the materials meet. You’ll have to take the necessary precautions when the seams are being used as an insect nest, or when moisture gets inside the siding and into your walls.

No Moisture Issues

One of the biggest selling points of seamless vinyl as a siding is that homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about potential moisture problems entering their homes. Traditional vinyl siding has some seams that water and moisture can get into. Left alone, they could produce mold and mildew which can prove to be a great health risk for you and your family. Water could also get inside the walls and weaken your home’s structural foundation.

When you use seamless vinyl siding, you can tend to other matters and not worry about water entering via your vinyl siding. The life of your vinyl siding will also be lengthened many times that of any other siding material.

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